Save time, save energy with our contactless rental options

Published on 8/29/2023
Gator State Storage prides itself on providing safe and reliable self storage options, but our main focus is providing convenience for our tenants. Through extended hours seven days a week and a contactless rental program, which utilizes digital technology to streamline the rental process while minimizing in-person interactions, offers several benefits for both landlords and tenants:

1. **Safety and Health**: Especially relevant during times of health concerns like the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless rental programs reduce physical contact, lowering the risk of virus transmission for all parties involved.

2. **Convenience**: Tenants can complete the entire rental process online, from storage search and submission to lease signing and rent payments, making it more convenient and accessible. This way you can easily rent your storage at your own convenience at your own pace without waiting in line.

3. **Efficiency**: Digital platforms can automate many aspects of the rental process, reducing paperwork, administrative tasks, and potential errors, thus saving time for both landlords and tenants.

4. **24/7 Access**: Tenants can access the storage facility and rent units even after hours without being restricted by the manned business hours.

5. **Reduced Costs**: Digital processes can significantly cut down on paper, printing, and postage costs. There may also be savings in terms of reduced office space for managing physical documents which helps us to relay those savings to you as a customer!

6. **Enhanced Security**: Secure online platforms can protect sensitive personal and financial information better than traditional paperwork, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

7. **Faster Decision-Making**: Why wait in line when you can easily rent directly from your phone, no hassle, no wait, move right in!

8. **Digital Payments**: Rent collection can be automated, reducing the hassle of collecting checks or cash in person. This also helps tenants ensure on-time payments.

9. **Transparency**: Online systems can provide tenants with easy access to lease terms, maintenance requests, and communication history, promoting transparency and accountability. You can see an accurate inventory online from all sizes and amenities.

10. **Maintenance Requests**: Tenants can submit maintenance requests digitally, and even process their entire move in and move out process digitally to reduce time spent.

11. **Environmentally Friendly**: Contactless systems reduce the environmental impact associated with paper-based processes.

It is our goal at Gator State Storage to ensure we can provide you with the easiest solution when it comes to your storage needs. Convenience, reliability and security are our top priorities when it comes to your self storage needs here in West Palm Beach.